What are the Most Valuable Antiques to Collect?

Value is Everything

Some antiques sell for hefty sums of money while others fizzle out on the auctioneer’s block. The proper valuation of an antique is big business. Yet there have been specific trends that show which items are the most lucrative in their unique selling point. Below you will find a list of antiques which fit the bill when it comes to making the most money for the owner:

  • Practical Artworks: A series of useful items made to look beautiful and in a novel manner is way up there when it comes to value. 
  • Dummy Ducks: The decoys hunters use on their forays into the wild jungles are precious antiques which sell well. 
  • Glassware: Nice glass items in various shapes and designs are the best. 
  • Vintage Paintings: A work of art by an artist with a reputation may make big bucks at the auction. 
  • Holiday Postcards: If you have a stash of these lying around in your storage space at home cash them in for what they’re worth. 
  • Cuckoo Clocks: These old clocks with their Roman numerals and pendulums could be replaced with a digital clock more suited to today’s times. 
  • Old Tomes: Even if they are battered, and in tatters, these dog-eared bookworm-eaten paperbacks are valuable in themselves as antique literature. 
  • Wedgewood Crockery: The intricate details on the crockery makes it vintage with a vengeance. 
  • Toolkits: That screwdriver or set of hammer and nails your late grandpa used to own may come in handy today. 
  • Gold & Silver Coins: Unless the exterior has been corroded by acid, coins make excellent things to sell provided they are old and rare to boot. 
  • Typewriters: Nowadays, we have the word processor and Microsoft Word instead of these machines that require much effort and are rickety. 
  • Violins, Drums & Pianos: Musical instruments are an all-time favourite and serve as rare mementos. 
  • Eau de Toilette Bottles: While the ordinary scent bottle will sell for a hundred bucks, those from Queen Victoria’s times may fetch as much as a grand and a half which is not bad at all. 
  • Sheaffer & Parker Fountain Pens: They are unique and singular collectables that hold a lot of interest for writers and poets. 
  • Wooden Furniture: This is the real deal that will allow you to earn as much as two grand in the marketplace. 
  • Fancy Gemstone Jewelry: Whether a woman’s best friend happens to be studded with pearls, diamonds or rubies, the older it gets, the more it counts as a precious item. 
  • Postage Stamps: Such rare stamps as the Penny Black will make you a small fortune. 
  • Music Records: Salvage some of these Elvis memories from that cobweb-lined room and sell them online for fast bucks. 
  •  Children’s Toys: Such playable things as Lego construction blocks and Golliwog dolls are something the average man or woman has outgrown since becoming an adult. 
  • High Tea and Fine Dining Porcelain: These bone china sets are useful Victorian artefacts that have outlived their use-value. It is high time that they were sold for a quick profit.
  • Kids Comic Books: Whether it is Superman or Batman or for that matter Ironman, you can bet your bottom dollar that they will earn you a swell sum of cash. 
  • Electronica: The technology of the 70s, 80s and 90s replaced by better and more efficient stuff can now be gotten rid of at an auction house. 
  • Persian Rugs: These beautiful woven tapestries of Islamic Art fetch a reasonable price at online sites. So if you have one that is getting old and want a new one, sell the former.

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