What Antiques are Popular Now in Australia?

The General Trends in Pandemic Times

2020 has been a harrowing year for Aussies and the rest of the Global Village population with Covid-19 and quarantine devastating everything including the antique business. Yet there is hope, and life still goes on. The relevance of art objects remains. To own a collectable item means that you feel good about that piece of private property. Paintings and jewellery remain popular on the hot list of antiques. Many people have taken to cooking and baking in these days of the pandemic, and so kitchen goods remain a high-priority genre. Then there are good books to read all curled up by the fireplace in a log cabin. Old books have value and are being sold on sites and auctions, with these come pens, which are the literati trade tools. Since working from home is what most of people do, furniture is another popular antique item at the present moment. According to Sydney plaster, art is a category where the whole world of adults is reverting to being a kid again. Happiness is indeed nothing but a box of crayons as the old sayings go. Besides surges in colouring books and canvas and paints not to mention clay modelling sets, people are buying old paintings by the dozens. They serve as inspiration for artworks created in the present times. 

Other Items of Interest

Furthermore, there are other things that people want to buy and keep as souvenirs from a bygone era. They include in their purview:

  • The 70s, 80s and 90s Retro Fashionable Stuff: While not precisely antiques in their own right (since an antique has to be at least a hundred years old), these objects of desire are up for grabs among the Millennials. Let’s not forget that the Millennials are the Internet Generation and they show genuine curiosity for the fashionable that Generation X thrived on. 
  • Toys: Kids can get a bad case of cabin fever from being confined to the four walls of their rooms. Parents are giving them some loving attention and buying them colourful toys and lending them space to enjoy them at leisure. These include Lego construction blocks and Barbie Dolls. 
  • Wedding Rings: Many financially stable young adults are looking forward to getting hitched with the man or woman of their dreams. Some brides would die to get an antique wedding ring. This symbol of two ones becoming an inseparable two holds infinite meaning for intuitive females. 
  • All Things Victorian: Queen Victoria’s era in history may have been known for its conservatism and strict moral rules, yet it was also a time of stable traditional life with more clarity than the present-day chaos. Everything from Victorian Chairs to fancy decoration pieces is being bought today in Australia and the rest of the world. 
  • Sinophilia: Chinese vases and pottery not to mention statues are artistic objects which the sophisticated and civilized history-loving people love to own. They are preferred by the mature amongst us. 
  • Dinner Plates and Tea Cups: Because home cooking has recently seen a spike, bone china sets have become a demanded item. 
  • Lamps & Lighting: Stylized lamps and lighting fixtures with incandescent light bulbs inside them have undergone an increase in sales. Their warm glow is a better choice health-wise than the glare of tube lights and lightsabers. 

Christmas Goodies: The Yuletide that just passed us by less than a month ago had enthusiasts buying vintage stuff related to the time of celebration marked by snowball throwing and gift-giving.

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