We are a well-established foundation that deals in antique items. Our collector’s favourites are the talk of the town. They comprise unique goods from a previous era. Like a postcard from a time traveller who has delved into history, we offer these products of the past with pride and passion. They are meant for enthusiasts whose curiosity knows no bounds. In the same manner, like Marcel Proust’s classic “In Search of Lost Time” what we have in store for you, our valued clientele, is no less than a source of meaningful nostalgia. It is genuinely overpowering and has an emotional impact. Visit our online menu and take your pick of the best memorabilia from a golden era that is gone with the wind.  

Our Journey from Humble Beginnings to Prominent Fame

It all began many years ago when a few people with energy and zest decided to put their minds and resources together and accomplish something right. They had their goals and put a lot of hard work and effort into reaching them over time. As time moved on, slowly and steadily, the seed they had planted grew into a sapling and then a tree and finally bore fruit. The foundation that dealt with antique items became a full-fledged powerhouse that catered to everyone interested in the remote past and its artefacts. From trinkets to furniture and jewellery to glassware, we have it all. Our level of finesse is that we treat our clients as guests and take care that they end up satisfied with their purchases. That is why our reputation remains untarnished. We give you an iron-clad guarantee that you will not have any reasons to complain. Still, since we value you so much, we will gladly exchange the item or lend you a full refund if you are dissatisfied. 

Variety is the Spice of Life

Usually, folks collect stuff such as old Victorian furniture or dusty books. On the contrary, we like to present the whole spectrum of collectable items from over a century ago. They will indeed serve as precious mementos and memorable souvenirs from another time zone. Treasure them at leisure and know that you can always return to our premises for another shopping spree. Go ahead! Indulge yourself! What’s stopping you? Keeping in mind the challenging times we live through, a sedentary life stuck at home may only have such pastimes added to it as bodyweight exercises, tasty cooking, creating artworks or reading lively books. To these four categories may we add a fifth one of collecting antiques worth their weight in gold. You will not regret the purchases you make from our company (online or offline). The wide range of options on our menu will bedazzle your brain. They will serve as precious objects of beauty. Each one will give you pure pleasure. This is whether you utilize it on a personal basis or display it in your guest room. 

Buy Only the Best

Odds and ends of equipment we lend you access to have very reasonable prices. Nothing has such a steep rate that it overwhelms our client. Buying ought to be a pleasure instead of a burden. So peruse all the items by taking your time and make the right choice(s) in the end. We can vouchsafe that if you buy a Victorian Sofa Set, it won’t disintegrate fast. A Bavarian Cuckoo Clock will not stop ticking a few days after possession. Survey our store whenever you feel like it. Do it as if you have all the time in the world. Even if you choose to window shop, no one will stop you since like we said, we consider our clientele to be honourable and highly respected visitors. 

As our slogan says it so well…

“Antique Appointment with Zero Disappointment”